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Items Requiring Proof of Ownership

Slesnick Recycling is mandated by law to require proof of ownership and a valid driver’s license for items listed below. We provide payment by check within two days of confirming ownership.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.


Cable, wire, electronic components and other equipment used in providing cable/utility

Public property

Guard rails, street signs, light poles, fixtures, water meter covers, access hole covers, traffic lights, traffic signs, state/city/county road markers

Railroad material

Including journal brass, rail spikes, rail tie plates, frogs and communications wire

Metal bossies, carts, containers, trays

4-wheel metal carts used to transport merchandise or food stored in crates, shells or trays; 4-wheel metal carts for consumer goods transport; metal trays or merchandise containers for bulk transport or storage of grocery items

Cemetery or memorial markers

Metal grave markers, sculptures, plaques and vases obtained from cemeteries; historical, commemorative, memorial markers and plaques